Unlock Luck and Wealth with the Keys of Dharma : Pending Karma of Atonement of Your Sins and Activation of Lakshmi

This book is about decoding Horoscope through a philosophical background with a unique amalgamation through mythological stories, which gives us a clue as to how to atone for your sins.

In this book, the author has covered all the Dhan Yogas, Veeprit Raj Yogas and Neechbhang Raj Yogas with the timing of wealth.

We have the lock in the form of Luck, which represents the Ninth house of Lakshmi in the Horoscope, but sometimes we cannot find the right key to unlock the house of Luck.

Because of evil deeds or sinful acts done in the past life, the native has Shrapit Dosh or curse which manifest in the present, so a lock of Past can be unlocked by finding a right Key in Present as our Past has the clue of our Present in a Horoscope.

The intent of writing this book is not to claim to change someone’s future but to help nurture and transform a native’s future by doing karmic deeds so that natives can sail through easily in his/her life. 

This book is not about predictive astrology; it is about sharing the philosophy of life that one has to adapt to lead a sin-free life.

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