Cho-Cho Inflatable Bath Tubs® for Kids and Adults SPA Tub with Pump

Cho-Cho Inflatable Bath Tubs® for Kids and Adults SPA Tub with Pump - Stumbit Fun World


Inflatable Size: 201 X 142 X 69 cm

Inner Size : 156 x 94 x 66.5 cm

Tub Weight : 4.6 Kg

Packing list : 1 * bathtub + 1 * Inflation Electric Pump, Inflatable pool for little swimmers and love to have fun in water and what better way than to let them enjoy in a miniature swimming pool this rectangular pool brings a of a real pool for use in the open space, save your kids and family members ( Specially women’s ) from hot summer and let them enjoy the swimming pool inside the home safely 4 adults and 5 kid can sit in the tub at same time, spacious space with head rest, made from BPA less European standard PVC materials ( BPA less), made out of extra thick 4 -layered PVC, it has a soft, air-filled bottom which makes it comfortable during use, practical, durable, easy to use and clean. 

Big size drain plug in the bottom for water release, this bath has been engineered for your comfort and for complete flexibility within your home, gardens, resorts, villas (Both Indoor, Outdoor) apart from fitting in your bathroom, this bathtub has been designed to be completely portable., you can use the tub in your middle hall itself, high plastic material with complete leak proof, pack it up, take it outside with you, to your holiday home, to a friend’s place , simply anywhere you can image, foldable bathtub to save space, easy to storage and carry. 

Ideal for home use, travelling, packed in a box with a inflation pump. It will be a great gift for your baby or your friends and families.

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