Aanandaa Permaculture Farm

Aanandaa Permaculture Farm is a leading resource for permaculture education. If you are looking for information on permaculture design in India or globally, you should subscribe to these channel. Founded in 2011, the stewards of this land, Manisha Lath Gupta and her family, have converted a barren piece of land into a lush green forest, using permaculture techniques and principles.

They have done extensive rainwater management and sequester upto 40mn litres of rainwater each year. They have planted a multi layered forest of over 6000 trees, and regenerated the topsoil by mulching. The land is now abundant with food, and species of birds and insects. Manisha is a Permaculture teacher and content creator, and you can see several helpful videos on permaculture design, concepts and implementation on this channel. She believes, that everyone can build a permaculture farm.

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