Daily Dump – Buy Compost Bins Online India

We know that small steps can have a big impact. We believe that composting sets you off on a journey of discovery of the interconnectedness of things. We are a design led brand that believes everyone wants to make a difference.

The PM wants a Swacch Bharat, a clean India. You want a clean India. We want a clean India. At DD, we believe that for this to happen, Indians must change their perception and behaviours – around waste.

When we started Daily Dump in 2006, our vision was to constantly re-imagine our relationship with the earth, with each other and with our urban spaces. Essentially, we are in the mindset changing business – mindsets about “waste”, about marginal livelihoods, about whose job it is to take care of “waste”, about how we can harm less, etc.

Ours is a design led company where we use design to help imagine alternative scenarios that can help change behaviour. We are mindful of looking at whole systems and understand that the context of India has its own challenges. Our objective is to reduce waste, improve material recovery, enable better livelihoods and to do this through the voluntary collective action of urban citizens.

We salute the potters, the gardeners, the householders, the organisations, the ‘recycle gurus’, the children – everyone who helps make Earth (and India) a cleaner, greener, sustainable place to live. They are our heroes – the torch bearers of the movement of Swacch!

These are the different mindsets and beliefs we encounter everyday. We have visualised them to help us explore our collective unconscious entrenched positions. Very often these dictate our decisions and if we do not examine these afresh, then we believe we cannot really step out to find new possibilities. We use these in our discussions with policy makers and clients.

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