VEEMA Bokashi Bucket Indoor Composer for Converting Kitchen Food Waste Into Fertilizer

Bokashi Bin and compost maker which is a great solution for the major issue of disposal of Garbage or daily waste which a problem faced by people through out our country. so we have come up with a solution of recycling of solid wastes or wet food wastes which is biodegradable organic materials further can be turned into a good compost.

There are a large amount of waste generated from the city which are a major issue for disposing it in the land fill which also hazarious way which effects the ground water also and are the reason for flies, mosquitoes and many other pests breeded on the waste which unless are properly maintained In order to reduce this events, we have come up with the idea of turning waste into a usable compost for various reasons.

This product can compose most of the kitchen food waste like fresh or left over vegetables, fresh fruit, cooked and uncooked foods also meats and bread, coffee grinds, meat, fish, cheese, eggs, teabags, wilted flowers, bakery items and tissues all kinds biodegradable materials.

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