Whixant Solar-Power Fountain Brushless Pump

Whixant Solar-Power Fountain Brushless Pump Plants Watering Kit with Monocrystalline Solar Panel for Bird Bath Garden Pond Energy-Saving Environmental-Friendly Universal - Stumbit Gardening

Solar Water Fountain: The solar water fountain is the perfect decor for your garden, courtyard, interior courtyard, or patio. It is ideal for bird bath, fish tank, small pond, pool, garden, purifying air, maintaining oxygen circulation in water etc.

Solar Powered DC Brushless Motor: The fountain is 100% solar powered, and the cutting-edge DC brushless motor ensures long life and low power consumption, thus making it functioning even when the sunlight is low.

Fully Automatic: Once the sunlight is accessible to the solar panel, it will start automatically within 3 seconds. Make sure the solar panel face directly to the sun with no shadow and clean it regularly to avoid it from stuck by dirt.

4 Different Nozzle: There are 4 different types of nozzle attached to match different fountain height and pattern. With different sprayer heads, it enables multiple spraying styles, you can choose the one as per your likes.

Easy to Install: The installation procedure is simple and easy, even a 5 ? year old can attach it properly.

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