SOLARA Unbreakable Resistance Band Set

UNBREAKABLE, ECO-FRIENDLY & SAFE: Only the purest 100% natural latex rubber making these not only the most durable but also very eco friendly. Our tube is 1.6times thicker than others brand providing great elasticity and safety and 15%-25% spared capacity in addition to set resistance level.

ALL IN ONE HOME GYM BAND SET: Whether you are a beginner or expert, resistance bands have a place in your home gym. Resistance bands work your muscles like weights do – your muscles contract to generate force to stabilize and control the desired movement. Our resistance bands come in 5 different resistance levels with color-coded, text descriptions. You can also stack the bands to increase resistance up to 100 lbs, if needed!

PREMIUM RESISTANCE BANDS Made To Last: Tired of wasting money on low quality resistance bands that snap after a few uses? We are too – which is why we fitted our pro resistance bands with durable latex tubes, reinforced links, and heavy-duty carabiners. These anti-snap exercise bands are designed to withstand intense daily exercise sessions. Our bands are also equipped with door anchor and ankle straps.

COMES WITH EBOOK & 20 VIDEOS: With each purchase, you have access to free eBook and videos to get the maximum out of these exercise bands . Instructional guide and videos on every workout imaginable (from beginner to advanced) that can be done with these bands. We love to work out and resistance bands have helped us build muscle in our upper/lower body and tone our abs, glutes, and legs.

WHAT’S INCLUDED: 20 Videos, e Book, 5 Tube Resistance Bands, 2 Soft Cushioned Handles, 2 Ankle Straps,1 Door Anchor,1 Exercise Guidance, 1 Carrying Bag, 2-Yr warranty

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