OZONE MATTRESS Organic Kapok/Silk Cotton/Ilavam Panju Single Cot Foldable Hostel Bed Mattress

Filler Material – Natural kapok Silk cotton, Ilavam Panju, Semal

Size: 6.25 x 2.5 ft / 75 x 30 x 3 Inches thickness

Package Content: 1 Hostel Mattress & 1 Silk cotton/kapok Pillow

Outer Cover – Cotton

Multicolour, Weight: 5 kg Silk Cotton

A product from a well-known brand. Provides maximum support and comfort to the users. You can roll or twist this mattress as much as you want, they simply return to their original shape, durable and long lasting. The products is lightweight and has a soft comfort feel. These mattresses are hypoallergenic and their anti-microbial features provide resistance to dust mites.

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