Peer2Profit – Share your internet and earn money

Peer2Profit is a pioneering platform for monetizing Internet traffic. This is a unique system, where users can make money by sharing their Internet and get paid for their bandwidth.

Most people use only 10% of the available bandwidth of their Internet connection. Peer2Profit allows them to make money off the remaining capacity by providing it to advertisers, marketing agencies and analytics companies. Peer2Profit works with the largest companies that have been verified.

Peer2Profit’s users form a network for advertisers who use it for open source data collection, market research, social media account management, SEO set up and ad verification. Advertisers pay the platform to use the network, and Peer2Profit pays users. Peer2Profit’s website and application for monetizing traffic are safe. Only companies that have passed the verification and signed the necessary agreements have access to the network. Numerous analytical tools are connected to the system that guarantee the legal use of router power.

Any violation is detected and blocked in real time so that suspicious persons cannot connect to IP addresses or devices. Thousands of users around the world have joined Peer2Profit’s network. They learn how to set up and increase passive income through active participation and referral program!

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